RE:coleccion magazine (2012-2014)

Originating in Santo Domingo and based in New York City, RE:colección was a bilingual magazine serving an international community of culturally curious readers a collection of art, design, music and everything in between.

Created by Ro Acosta and Laura Gerardino both from Dominican Republic and subsequently for the 3rd issue, curated by Nana Asase from Ghana. Re was alive thanks to all the wonderful contributors that shared their work and essence through it.

Laura Gerardino & Ro Acosta photographed by Nana Asase

“RE:colección was publication that provided a platform for emerging artists as well as writers to share their diverse perspectives as contributors.

Teaser creaded by Nana Asase for the 3rd issue

We were an art magazine that portraited ordinary people and their stories. Choking stories about everyday life. Fetish, real-life, subculture, controversial narrations. They all die and end in art. Art is the rope that involves them all together.

RE COLECCION Feat Lenny Pichardo from Ro Acosta on Vimeo.

Cover created by Leni Pichardo. Illustrations by Charli Quesada feat. in the 3rd issue.